Cosmic Sciences 

Know Thyself

Metaphysics is a term coined by Aristotle in his work to discuss the nature of being. In a sense, this book is about the metaphysical in that it describes phenomena of an esoteric nature. However, this is not an academic treatise on the nature of being or first principles, but a book about the history and practise of Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis from a scientific and a metaphysical perspective.  Social science is concerned with the study of people in society and how they relate to one another and to the group to which they belong.  It relies on empirical data for validity. I believe that these subjects are disciplines in their own right and can be classified as social sciences. They contain a systematic body of knowledge that must clearly be understood before it is practised and rely on empirical data for validity. 

In Numerology, each number is associated with a certain energy force or vibration that links the individual to the Universe.  Numbers influence us through our birth date and our birth names, which can be reduced to a series of numbers. In the case of Astrology, I have taken the view that the link to the Universe is through the Zodiac and the magnetic forces that operate as the Sun, Moon and planets go through their cycles.  This takes account of the work of astrophysicist, Dr Percy Seymour that planetary motion, by affecting sunspots, has an influence on the Earth's magnetic field.  Astrology is based on the notion that the Universe and all things within it are interconnected and interdependent - humanity is an integral part of that – in simple terms – AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. This hypothesis is an integral part of Eastern religions and astronomy as it was traditionally practised before the 'Scientific Revolution'. Today, Astrology is associated with quantum physics. As for Hand Analysis, the ancients saw a link between the hand and the Universe and captured this notion by giving to the fingers and the mounts of the hand, the names of the Graeco-Roman gods and the planets of the solar system. Today, we associate Hand Analysis with medical science through the study of dermatoglyphics (the patterns on the hand) as a precursor to various diseases as well as the metaphysical aspects associated with traditional palmistry

My book Cosmic Sciences, is the result of many years of study and research in the fields of Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis. My approach focuses on the linkages between these three disciplines and also on the notion of cosmic energy and its role in helping us pursue our collective destinies. All three disciplines are 'cosmic' in nature and are linked to the universe.  In Numerology, each number is associated with a certain energy force or vibration that links the individual to the universe and in the case of Astrology and Hand Analysis, their link to the universe is through the Zodiac. I believe that these disciplines provide some answers to life's mysteries and view them as spiritual influences over the destiny of humankind. I believe that the universe is governed by rhythms and cycles and that these subjects all provide clues as to the meaning of life.  They can help people cope with life's challenges as they give an insight into the workings of the inner person and guidance on life's cycles and future destiny.  Importantly, they can enable individuals to find their purpose in life.

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