My interest in Cosmic Sciences such as Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry dates back to the mid 1970's.  This was the time when I met my future husband who was a kind of academic palmist with years of experience.  I was so inspired with this interest that I took these subjects up for serious study soon after my marriage. My husband and I travelled extensively in Pakistan and India and and saw palmistry being practised in universities, at wedding receptions, engagement parties and many other social settings, including the public streets. His interest inspired me and it soon became a lifelong pursuit. However, my Public Service career had to take priority and the Cosmic Sciences remained as a lifelong interest and hobby. 

I was a senior public servant in the Australian Public Service and worked for many years with the Australian Government Department of Immigration in Adelaide, Canberra and the United Kingdom in a variety of roles, both as a Departmental officer and then as a consultant for a period  after early retirement. During my career, I gained degrees in Sociology and History from the University of Canberra and Law from Macquarie University. At the end ofmy career, following a short spell with Legal Aid and the Immigration Review Tribunal, I was appointed by the Government to the Migration Review Tribunal in Canberra as a member in January 2001 and remained there until June 2004. 

Following my retirement from the Public Service in June 2004, I decided that I wanted to pursue my 30 year old hobby and write an academic book on Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis. At the outset of my career, I did not know where my journey was heading – it merely revealed itself over the decades like a road journey as you pass from one city or town to another and encounter new experiences along the way. These subjects gave me psychological insights and revealed something of my destiny – the opportunities that fate was to present and also the challenges that I would face along the way. My hands indicated Multiple Fate Lines and also a Mystic Cross formed by the Line of Fate under Saturn.  These markings plus my long Head Line explains my varied career, academic interests and also my interest in the Cosmic Sciences.  

After extensive study over the years, I am of the view that these subjects can help people with their lives.  After retirement, I became interested in teaching at the University of the Third Age in Canberra. Following the book's release in 2007, I prepared a series of Power Point slides to assist in teaching these subjects.  While there was initially some minor concern at the teaching of these subjects, the courses became very popular and I went on to teach 20 courses from 2008 to 2021, initially, at an introductory level and then at a more advanced level.

The 20th course, took into account the developments described in Appendix F - An Astrological Perspective of the events of 2020, the global pandemic which ensued and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  This included a special study of Britain's Royal Family.


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